Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I want to go to London!!!!!!!

Dear Mr Hendricks

Out of all the children in the Room 9 class that should  be chosen to go to the the Olympics 2012 ,I think that I should be the one to go to the Olympics. And I got five  reason why I should go..

Firstly,  I am a good listener and you won't have to growl at me.

Next I can use all the facts that I get from the olympics and write a book for the library.

I have never been to the Olympics before in my life, and it would be lovely to go to London.

If I get to go I can come back and share all my amazing facts with the whole of Glen Innes School and the community.

Finally it will be the best trip that I  will ever have.

So please pick me Mr Hendricks.  I will be the best one from our school to go.


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