Friday, 15 August 2014

Maths 99 or BUST

Term-3 Week-4.

In maths class this week we have been taught how to play a game called  99 or bust . In this game we have to draw three columns and at the top of each column you have to write Ones, in the next column write tens and then hundreds . The teacher will throw the dice 7 times and with each of those numbers our job was to write each of those numbers in a column. It was our choice where we would put it and when we finish putting it in each column we had to add all our numbers up . The main aim of this game is to get a number below 99 there was only one rule and that was to not go over 99 if we do then we are bust. The top three students with the lowest numbers win.





In total I didn't go bust.
If you would like to play this game all you would need is.
1 dice.
a maths book and
someone to play with.
Its a very easy game and it also helps with your adding...

Friday, 8 August 2014


For the last couple of weeks room 12 have been learning about fraction of a set.
We each were given an equation and we were to write the answer and also see the way we got the answer. My equation was Rachel had 20 flowers and she wanted to plant one quarter of them in each row. I had to work out how many rows she would plant and this is how I worked it out.
I knew that 20 divided by 4 was 5 therefore one quarter of 20 would be 5.
I though that this was really easy because I knew my multiplication ....