Monday, 12 November 2012


LONG, long ago in a house far away there was a family of Tortoise. There were four turtle. There was the mum and dad and the son and daughter. The son’s name is Franklin and the daughter’s name is Alliot. Franklin had a lot of friends, their name’s were Bear, Fox, Rabbit and Beaver. I  guess they were his best friends. They were also very smart they could count in twos and tie their shoes.

One lovely sunny Saturday morning their teacher Mr Owl called each one of their parents to let them know that they will be going to the Zoo. Franklin was very happy. When he finished getting ready he went to school. Franklin doesn't like being late for anything exciting like going on school trips. When he got to school all his friends were already there. They were all very excited to see all the animals Franklin was also very excited until he heard there will be a Hippopotamus. He was very terrified of the Hippopotamus when he tried to face his fears, he couldn't.  He was too short so he held on to the pole and crouched up to see the Hippopotamus. When he saw the Hippopotamus he was so scared he started panicking. His arm was shaking all the time but he said to himself, I need to get over my fears.
But his hand was shaking too much his hand couldn’t take it much longer. Then he was about to let go so he could get to the ground but when he let go he fell into the water. He started panicking he started calling his mum and dad and was crying at the same time. He saw a zookeeper, he started calling out to the zookeeper. When the zookeeper saw him she started rushing to save him because the Hippopotamus was coming towards him, really fast. When the zookeeper got him out, they had to call his parents. When his parents got there his mum and started crying and he told his mum that he would never ever do that again.
So from that day on he learnt his lesson.


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