Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netbook refection

It really feels good to have a netbook  to work with. This  has really made a change in my learning. Last year, without these interesting netbooks, I worked really really slow like a sloth in the tree. I worked slow in everything like writing, reading, maths and also topic. But  I was mostly  slow in doing my writing. I never finished my writing in time and my teacher always glares at because I never finished in time for him to mark it. But now, with my netbook, I finish everything on time.

With my netbook it helps me comment on blog,s it help me to blog  and it also help me learn to create  pictures and music.

My lovely netbook also helps me research online. It also help me to make fantastic movies. We didn't only make movie but we also made a cool as cartoon.

Without my netbook I don't know what my learning would be like. I would probably still be slow as a sloth in the tree.

This is how much my netbook really means to me. My netbook is the best thing every ever.


Dorothy said...

Hi Tupou, A lot of people have read this post - even though I am the first to leave a comment! Your thoughtful reflection is a pleasure to read. Your simile about the sloth in the tree makes me smile. I am thrilled to hear that you are enjoying your digital learning so much.

All the best for 2013. I will be following your blog with interest.

Mrs Burt

Tupouf said...
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