Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Last year of intermediate

As it is getting towards the end of the year, it is getting towards the end of my intermediate years. I have attended Glen Innes School for about 5 years. Attending G.I.S was like the best choice of schools that my parents have made. This school has taught me a lot of things no matter how naughty, how disrespectful I would be but they still taught me and hopefully I will use the knowledge that I have been taught along the way. In G.I.S I have been through a lot with the students, teacher, as well as the principal which makes it harder to leave this school. The best memory of G.I.S was when we went to sport camp for 1 week. Sports camp was like the best. Getting to know students from other schools, making new friends but not only that also getting to know our teachers and our principal better. At sports camp we lost some of our games, we won some of our games but no matter how hard it got we played fair. If there is one thing that I would have to say about Glen Innes it would be ‘that no matter what people think or say about G.I.S. this school is a normal school. It’s just like the rest of the schools as along as you get taught that’s all you need.’ So make the most of intermediate because you don’t go backwards in life, you go forward. P.S A massive thank you to both Mr Hendricks and Ms Barry for making sport camp happend. ROOM 12 IS THE BEST!


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